iPhone: Fad or To Stay?


Hello fellow entrepreneurs and business evangelists! My name is Ash Kumra and I am a digital media entrepreneur. I am currently CEO of www.desiyou.com ; a South Asian Content Network showcasing stories from South Asian culture and life. I will write on emerging companies, founders and business trends. My first post will be on the latest craze no matter where you live in North America: The iphone!


The iPhone’s first weekend of sales were stellar. Reviews are out and the verdict is fairly positive (just make sure to not drop it :)). What interest me are comparisons of competing phones and how carriers are responding. Jason Calcanis of Weblogs fame and Palm Research have interesting comparisons with phone models. The Nokia E90 Communicator has also been getting appeal with many “alpha influencer�? techies and leverages Dell as a distribution partner.

Carriers like Sprint are already tackling features the iPhone lacks like their ability to not enable a web browser on a WiFi network. In a recent Wall Street Journal article; Sprint’s president of WiMax’s service said they’re pushing their WiMax initiative in unsubsidized devices to allow a true mobile internet access experience. “Subsidized devices are why we have walled gardens. They’re why operators have to have contracts,” West said during FierceMarkets’ recent WiMax Strategies conference.

With a marketing campaign and cult following that’s second to none; you can’t deny Apple has a built in word of mouth sales force. However; I think the iPhone’s lust and sexiness can persuade people for so long. Apple needs to modify future iPhone models with more features and functionality the way iPods have evolved. If you would like to read more why I endorse the iPhone; read my pre iPhone launch opinion with Investor Business Daily.

Disclaimer: I am neither an employee nor shareholder of Apple or Investor’s Business Daily.

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2 Responses to “iPhone: Fad or To Stay?”

  1. By Bill K. on Jul 10, 2021 | Reply

    I like the finger slide shut off feature of the iphone. I wonder why no one thought of that before.

  2. By Sunny Kalara on Jul 11, 2021 | Reply

    Hi Ash! Welcome to the site.

    The most important questions about iPhone has been: “will it blend or not”, and I guess after 30 seconds of experimentation, it looks like it does blend well.

    But all kidding aside, I wonder what is the media value ascribed to the iPhone hype. When Ginger (now known as Segway, was launched, the media value, i.e., the cost of actually buying the advertisement of similar caliber and magnitude, was considered to be around $500M. The iPhone media hype must be worth at least as much, if not more.

    Whether it will be successful or not is a “relative” question. In a way, the phone is already a success but will it reach the 1% market share? I seriously doubt that.

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