Google to invest $10M into green start-ups

Googleuse-2Google announced today that they are looking to invest $10 million into companies that are working towards creating “sustainable transportation solutions.” Previously, Google has given grants totaling $1 million to non-profit organizations also focused on reducing automobile emissions.

Google launched RechargeIT in June, a project “aimed at accelerating the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.” The search engine giant has contracted with Hymotion, a company that converts regular gas guzzling cars to hybrids, to modify six vehicles used for demonstration of the technology (you can see the actual vehicle data here).

The deadline to submit proposals is October 22nd, ‘07.

Earlier, we posted an article about Google putting itself into competition with VC’s by investing in a variety of start-ups that they eventually acquire. And recently we reported on two promising solar power start-ups.

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  1. By Jay-D on Sep 16, 2021 | Reply

    Well, its that announced the $10M investment.

    It is a different for profit company, different management, different criteria.

    How come when the Gates foundation spends $$$ on Malaria, people don’t say Microsoft committed $$$ to Malaria? Its because they are different entities. was set up by Google to explore for profit, socially responsible project. Larry Brilliant runs He has a chest of $200M to draw on plus 3M shares of Google.

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