GOOG-411’s “Biddy-Biddy-Boop” sound - amusing but wished the service worked better

ImageGigaOm has an interesting article about the origin of the sound “biddy-biddy-boop” that one hears during a call to Goog-411. It is a fetch sound played while the system pretends to look for the information that you requested.

Byrne and his team wanted something “different than an over-produced jingle,�? he said. “We wanted slightly playful, within Google branding experience, and not corny.�?

And as many of the Google products, the sound is a bit amusing.

Here is the mp3 of the Biddy-Biddy-Boop sound, if you haven’t heard it before. It is indeed playful, quirky and amusing when you hear it for the first time.

Chances are you won’t have to hear it too many times - the Goog-411 leaves a lot to be desired. If the same product was released by Microsoft, people would jump over it and insult it all day long, but since it is from God Google, the most people (including me) would say about it is that “it needs a lot of improvement”. Since the chances of getting the right results are not so high, you might as well get entertained by listening to biddy-biddy-boop sound while calling the number.

By the way, Google says it records and collects all voice commands, in addition to the phone number called from, time of the call and content of the call.

ImageTry Microsoft’s Tellme (call-411) instead, really, it is better.

Here are some more free 411 services

1-800-411-METRO (1-800-411-6387)
1-800-yellowpages (1-800-935-5697)
1-800-goog-411 (1-800-466-4411)
1-800-call-411 ( 1-800-225-5411)

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    having problems geting the mp3 file in this post.

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