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Glam is busy tooting its own horn these days. And why shouldn’t they? Bypassing the venerable ivillage as the number #1 destination for women, would cause anyone to turn cart wheels. Add to that the fact that Glam is the fastest growing website in the US with 17 million unique visitors a month, and you quickly realize that glam is doing something right!

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Besides all the usual categories you would expect on a site such as this - celebrities, fashion, shopping, beauty - Glam has a set of well read blogs which ponder questions such as “Who should be July’s It Guy?”.

Glam’s real It guy is Samir Arora (from Apple). He, along with a team of eclectic folks from the worlds of IT architecture and media, created a portal that would not only attract the 80% female demographic in the consumer internet space, but would also unite independent and user generated content related to women’s issues.

glam media pulseGlam is a text book example of great marketing and branding. The site serves as a platform for hosting independent blogs on topics that relate to women’s interests. The blogs not only generate a wealth of content for the site, they provide a very effective advertising distribution network for Glam, which shares the ad revenue with the writers.

And glamour does not come cheaply. With $30 million raised in venture capital from Duff Ackerman & Goodrich Ventures, Accel Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, WaldenVC, and Information Capital, the company had a valuation of $150 million after the last $18.5 million Series C round in December 2006.

Today, Glam’s valuation today is pegged at $500 - what a difference 6 months makes! Last year, Ivillage was acquired by NBC for $600 million.

So who’s going to do an IPO next? I wouldn’t be surprised if Glam’s thoughts start going in that direction!

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7 Responses to “Glam: #1 network for women”

  1. By Roni on Jul 8, 2021 | Reply

    The story behind the story is b5media. They run an independent blogging platform and provide some of the traffic to Glam.

    Also there are major issues with Comscore numbers because it counts the numbers from b5media too.

    b5media provides about 75 of the 300 or so web properties that they have.

  2. By Liz Escabar on Jul 8, 2021 | Reply

    Traffic counting has become such an “internet math” issue.

    Here is a question: If I have a blog called Bloggo, and on the sidebar I have ads from Glam, Yahoo and Google.

    If I have 10 visittors per day on Bloggo; who should get credit for those? Should Glam be able to say that they had 10 visitors? How about Yahoo and Google?

    But the way Glam counts its visitors, it includes 10 visitors from Bloggo, just because the page they visited carred an ad from Glam. Yahoo and Google don’t.

    Is a direct visit to the iVillage site more valuable than a visit to a blog with some sidebar Glam content that’s personalized to the site but not exclusive?

  3. By Dube on Jul 8, 2021 | Reply

    Isn’t there some calculation showing that each regular visitor to Glam adds $3,000 to $5,000 to the valuation of Glam. Ah, good old happy days are here again!

  4. By Ash Kumra on Jul 10, 2021 | Reply

    Nice post Toni,

    Here is something I read 2 weeks that’s competing with Glam’s efforts:

    NBCU (parent of is investing in the woman blog network Sugar Publishing—PopSugar, BuzzSugar, FitSugar, etc. and social network Team Sugar. iVillage will take over the network’s display ad sales effective immediately under a rev share agreement and to target Glam’s audienc ebase. Pop Sugar’s properties generate over 4 million uniques a month.

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