Fix8 : How do you feel today?

fix8 logoFix8, promises VP of Sales Dinesh Bhatia, will bring a smile to your face. And just watching the team’s video intro to the user animated avatar product on the fix8 web page certainly brought one to mine!

So what does fix8 do? It allows you to pick a whacky avatar from their gallery, or just some accessories such as funny glasses or bouffant hair. Then, using a simple webcam, you superimpose your facial expressions and motions on the graphic - all in real time! The talking avatar can be embedded into your web page, or even into Yahoo IM and MSN chats. While clips from other users cannot be embedded into your site, Mashable suggests a “mashup” for those so inclined.

fix8 videoHighly entertaining. And deceptively simple. They have a gallery of user generated videos made using fix8. The avatars mimic the head movements and eyerolls with startling accuracy!

With what I know of facial recognition technologies, it could not have been easy to prefect the product. The team decided to focus the biometric technology into creating a fun, consumer oriented experience. With the interest in video sharing and video blogging for sites like Utube, the timing certainly seems right.

Fix8 has received funding from the Vickers Venture Fund based in Asia.

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  1. By Duke on Jun 6, 2021 | Reply

    I tried it. its really cool.

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