Fighting it out on the Mobile Advertising platform

mobile ad screen tonicThe last few months have seen a whole lot of hurried acquisition activity in the mobile advertising platform space. First Microsoft acquired the Europe based mobile advertising software provider, Screen Tonic, in May 2007, in a bid to establish a base in the mobile advertising market. Screen Tonic boasted of high profile customers such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola.

mobile ad third screen logoNext it was the turn of Third Screen Media. After receiving funding infusions of $3M in 2005, and then series B of $5M in February of 2006, from TD capital ventures and the Blue Chip Venture Company, Third Screen Media was apparently courted by both Microsoft and AOL, and ultimately acquired by AOL in May of 2007. That’s two acquisitions within a couple of weeks of each other, in the mobile advertising platform space.

Third Screen Media recently added as clients MSNBC, which joined their other media clients USA Today, TV Guide and CBS Sportsline.

Yahoo released their mobile adverting platform, on the Yahoo! Mobile Web Service, in 19 countries around the world. Yahoo has also locked in premium advertisers like Infiniti, Pepsi, Hilton and P&G.

The size of the total mobile advertising market is anywhere from $500 million to $11 billion 2010. Depends on who is doing the extrapolating!

And now for the BIG question. What is Google going to do in the mobile advertising space?!! We had heard that they were testing a mobile ad product similar to adwords, called Mobile Words.

For the rest of the internet advertising players hoping to jump into the mobile market, here are a few acquisition candidates: Soapbox Mobile (total funding $10M), Rhythm Media (total funding $18M), Greystripe (series B funding $9M) and Hovr, which entered a partnership with Third screen on May 29th, to deliver ads to mobile gamers.

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  1. By Alex Stuart on Jul 7, 2021 | Reply

    People haven’t figured out how to effectively deliver ads for regular video content on the web but I guess its never too early to start to figure out how to deliver ads.

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