Facebook for Dog lovers

Never underestimate the power of a pet.


Doggysnaps is a Facebook for dog lovers. Make a profile for your adorable pooch, with photos and stories of your lovable friend. Your pooch can even friend other pooches and have a social network.


Your dog can receive messages and treats, like a Facebook poke, from other pooches. There is a great search engine that lets you look through all the pooch photos posted on the site.

You can search for your favorite pooch by breed and others tags. For example search “pug�? and “park�? to get all the cutest photos of pugs in parks. See the cutest dog of the week, etc. The only thing missing is “hot or not” button.

The part that I liked was “in the loving memory” section. A great way to keep the memory of a long time companion alive.

This site was founded by the UK charity Dogs Trust, which helps healthy dogs find good homes. There is a link which allows you to make a donation to the charity.

The site already has 20,000+ entries and is growing.

You know that social networking has arrived when you, your friend, his brother and his dog have their own profile, hopefully on different sites!

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  1. By Dube on Aug 18, 2021 | Reply

    Pet lovers do these sites as a passion and it shows. There are several pet focused web 2.0 companies out there and its good to have a choice.

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