Explode - the social engine for social sites

Explode is a “meta-social engine” that lets you gather together all your friends on various social networks in one place, and lets you communicate with them, even if they are on a different network. You can view their profiles and leave them messages.

For those who have been groaning under the weight of their multiple social networks, this is a great idea!

However, a  like this is hard to implement, for a couple or reasons.

1. Major sites are not accessible: respects robots.txt and does not catalog profiles from sites which do not allow it (robots.txt is a gatekeeper file which site owners can implement with directions on how they want their sites to be viewed by search engines). Well, that excludes Facebook and Myspace, both of which shun search engine robots at the door.

2. Hard to correlate user info: While on many social and professional networks, members use their real names, on sites like YouTube (that Explode does search) the norm is to use more “fun” names so it will be difficult for an engine such as Explode to connect a member’s different persona from various social sites.

Explode does plan to implement OpenID, which allows users to use a single digital identity across the web, so Explode will work for those who choose to be found.

Explode has made a good start with social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, , Tribe and Flikr. It does not cover business sites such as , yet. It goes a step beyond people search engines such as , by allowing people to connect across the networks.

Explode is an engine to watch as they build up more steam in the social networking arena!

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  1. By sitemodification.com on Mar 14, 2022 | Reply

    explode is a good concept..hope it works

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