Docstoc, LitCentral : Social networking and getting work done is a free social networking site that allows users to share documents in any format (word, excel, powerpoint etc.). The social networking component comes in with allowing users to rate documents, making it sound like a Digg equivalent of document sharing.

The product from Los Angeles based Docstoc, is currently in Beta, and according to AlarmClock, has just raised its first round of Angel capital.

The product is geared towards a exchanging of information in the business arena, with legal and financial templates built in, as well as catering to the education space with the appropriate formats provided for document exchange. Creative writing is also targeted.

Techcrunch reports that the beta product has been well received (as indicated by the beta testers).

Another company, LitCentral, based in Temecula CA, has created a web based script management system, specifically targeted towards the movie industry. The software provides users with a way to communicate with each other, and allows script writers to collaborate on projects.

LitCentral also has a business to consumer product for rating entertainment related products - movies, music, gaming etc. LitCentral is seeking funding.

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  1. By Josh Kell on Aug 1, 2021 | Reply

    Aren’t these sites mere “bandwidth plays?”

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