Disney buys Club Penguin : Tweens rule

club penguin logoAfter months of speculation about Sony’s interest in the company, Disney swooped in and bought the kids social site Club Penguin, reportedly for $350 million, with an additional $350 million being kicked in for meeting targets through 2009. The site has 12 million users with 700,000 paid subscribers. The site has a subscription based model.

Almost unnoticed by the mainstream new media world, virtual world websites which cater to ‘Tweens (6-12 year olds) have been steadily growing in popularity. There is the wildly successful Webkins, which has 4 million active users. Webkinz sells a plush toy along with an online subscription. There is also the more sassy, and highly marketed Zwinky, which lets kids virtually shop for clothes, and accessorize.

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One problem that these sites do not have, is coming up with a revenue model. Parents are not only willing to pay for subscriptions (most sites are free but require payment for “extras”), but they seem to prefer a paid model, where they know that their kids will not be exposed to random advertising.

Club Penguin has become very successful amongst the young crowd. It is the Second Life of kid town. You get on the site and waddle around amongst other penguins. You can chat with the other penguin avatars - though you are not allowed to enter numbers into the chat.


Here is a review of Club Penguin that we got from an 8 year old

I like to play the games on Club penguin. You can get an igloo for your penguin. And for 800 dollars you can buy a pet puffle for your penguin.

I like how you can chat with other kids. If your penguin is 30 days or older, you can take a moderator’s job, like a cop, and then you can report people if they are not doing things right.

You have to pay money to get clothes or other fancy items. In the free version, you can’t get some special kinds of pets.

Disney’s purchase of Club Penguin might very well start a gold rush for other kids social websites like Habbo and Star dolls.club penguin

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    I like Webkinz better. Sorry to say to Club Penguin fans, but Webkinz are waaaaay better (also I like another site related to Disneyland, called VMK!)

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