Cubic Telecom to provide global mobile service

CubicCubic Telecom announced via a press release yesterday that they will be providing world-wide low-cost telephone service for mobile phones, claiming to be “the world’s first truly global mobile service provider“:

Cubic Telecom’s service aims to eliminate the high cost of international roaming charges by focusing on introducing simple, high-quality telecommunications services. Their breakthrough technology intelligently uses existing mobile phone network resources to drive down costs. Its core target market is aggrieved customers across the globe who don’t understand why they can’t get value for money when making international calls and roaming. Cubic is working towards free speech.

At at time when almost all of the buzz surrounding voice communication startups has to do with VoIP, Cubic is attempting to set themselves apart from the crowd. Instead of relying on technology existing outside of traditional mobile networks (such as Skype), they are taking a shot at changing the mobile landscape from the inside out by cutting deals with service providers allowing them to offer reduced prices on talk time worldwide using existing telecommunications networks. As Cubic’s CEO Pat Phelan explains, “When most people think about driving down the cost of telephone calls, they think of calling from computer-to-computer. We don’t. We deliver simple, high quality, high value telephone services direct to the devices that people like to use - their mobile phones.�?

Skype-1This approach comes at an interesting time as Skype, one of the leading VoIP providers, recently found itself in the news earlier this month after a complete service outage left its 220 million users without service for 24 hours. eBay, which owns Skype, took a 2.58% hit on the day of the outage, erasing over $1 billion from the company’s market cap. Phelan was quick to discuss the outage on his blog, writing that the Skype downtime “made absolutely no difference in the Cubic world as we talk on phones not on computers.�? While Skype has since fixed the glitch that caused the downtime (ars technica: “Skype itself says that it was an algorithm error with their own service�?), the fact that it occurred brings to light possible issues with using a VoIP service as your primary mode of communication.

Cubic Telecom recently raised $6.8 million US from private backers, and offers service to over 160 different countries. The company was founded by Pat Phelan in 2005 and is headquartered in Ireland, with additional offices in Vermont, Canada. Pat Phelan’s past projects include Yak4Ever and Roam4Free.

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  1. By Bill Scherer on Aug 31, 2021 | Reply

    The day Skype went down, a bunch of other smaller VOIP companies saw 50% increase in their traffic. I am guessing that that was a temporary effect, though.

  2. By Pat Phelan on Aug 31, 2021 | Reply

    Hi John
    Many thanks for the mention, lots more exciting news to come in next three weeks

  3. By candy on Jul 11, 2021 | Reply


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