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CrazyEgg is useful web based application that generates an activity heat map for your website. It is a visual clue as to which links on your website people are clicking on, and how often. CrazyEgg is in the category of applications that fall under the heading of web analytics, which includes Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a sophisticated package for performing detailed studies of web traffic. Amongst a host of other stats, Google Analytics also provides an overlay of your web page, with key click numbers (number of actual clicks, and percentage of clicks that a particular link is generating, out of all clicks on the page), laid out on top of the web page. Google does not present the data superimposed graphically, on the web page, in the same manner that CrazyEgg does.

ImageCrazyEgg shows a very nice pictorial display of the web traffic, in the form of colored hot spots. The visual layout presents a quick perspective to webmasters who want to determine which elements of their site they need to optimize. The CrazyEgg application also presents numerical data in the way Google does, but if you are a person who tends to visualize more in terms of spatial elements, than numbers,this sort of a projection is more useful.

One very clever marketing gimmick is the button on the website that induces you to start testing your own website in two easy steps, using CrazyEgg. This is not the long sign up process where you have to provide the name of your first born, and other details. The first page lets you enter your website address, and the second page gives you a snippet of tracking html. Pretty easy and straightforward. I am guessing they used some heatmap optimization themselves to come up with a good conversion funnel for their own site.

There is a free option on the site that tracks up to 5,000 visits per month, on up to 4 pages. Paid plans (up to $99 per month) allow tracking of more pages and visits.

As of earlier this year, the Los Angeles based CrazyEgg had 45,000 users signed up, half of which are active users.


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  1. By Mike on Aug 6, 2021 | Reply

    I like ClickDensity which also does heat maps of web site. Click Density is more expensive though, once the trial period runs out.

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