Clupedia releases innovative social bookmarking tool Clucast

ImageClupedia has just released its beta product, Clucast.

Clucast is crowdcasting, meets social bookmarking, meets Sphereit .

Clucast lets you visit any web page and leave a clue - a clue can be anything, a comment, a review, a bookmark, or a link. Any user who now visits the page can read the clue, if they have Clucast installed.

But this is the really revolutionary part. When you write a clue on any piece of content, such as a product, your clue is immediately broadcast to thousands of websites which mention that product. So any Clucaster can now read your comment on any of those web sites as well.

clupedia clucastThis is the only social book marking product that we know of which has this feature.

The Clupedia Clucast plugin is now available as a download from their website. The product currently works on the Firefox browser, and requires Java to be installed. David Saad, CEO of Clupedia, spent several months in Bangalore, India, developing the software.

The Clucast download is pretty fast and painless. Furthermore, they offer several incentives for installing Clucast, including revenue share with authors on ads which are viewed alongside the clues.

I can see this tool becoming huge with bloggers, and publishers. Also advertisers, who have so far had to rely on third party review websites such as Epinion, or to set up their own dedicated review websites, should get very excited about Clucast.


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2 Responses to “Clupedia releases innovative social bookmarking tool Clucast”

  1. By David Saad on Sep 7, 2021 | Reply


    Thank you for your posting on Clucast. Really appreciate it.

    I’m one of the panelists at TiE on the 15th. I presume that you will be attending. I’ll see you then.


  2. By Jamie on Oct 10, 2021 | Reply

    The newest version of Clucast can be found on Mozilla’s add-on page here…

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