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ImageI visited the BuzzDash website recently, and I must admit I was hooked! BuzzDash is a social voting site - they feature daily polls on a variety of topics: Sports, Entertainment, Current events.

I have visited social polling sites before, but this is one of the best I have seen in terms of layout. The home page has two fixed polls at the top (under daily buzz) and two rotating polls that cycle through all the categories such as News and Politics, Business and Finance. It is almost impossible to resist clicking on the polls as they go by.

For each of the following polls on BuzzDash, can you guess which is the more popular answer (link to results below)?

1. Would you support a boycott of goods made in China?
a. Yes
b. No

2. Paramount, DreamWorks Animation choose HD DVD. Will the tide change?
a. Yes HD DVD on the comeback
b. No Blu-ray will emerge on top

3. Simon Cowell will leave American Idol in three years. Without him, it:
a. Will do better
b. Will be as successful
c. Will do worse

4. NY Times online asks users to post potential terror scenarios. Okay?
a. Yes helps us prepare
b. No, gives terrorists ideas

5. Will Clinton being a woman ultimately help her or hurt her more
a. Help her more
b. Hurt her more
c. Doesn’t have an impact


BuzzDash ( is a social polling site with thousands of live polls on issues spanning everything from news, politics and sports to relationships, philosophy and religion. It’s built upon individual polling modules called buzzbites, which form the building blocks of the site and can also be posted and shared by users across the web.

According to David Gerken, Founder and CEO of BuzzDash, they raised seed funding from a private investor in September and launched the beta site in February. Now six months into launch, they are gaining traction in the market, with rising traffic and growing media exposure (BuzzDash was picked by PC World as one of “25 Web Sites to Watch” in June and have also been referenced by The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Boston Herald, among other publications).

BuzzDash is currently seeking series A funding.


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