BuzzDash: Polls and results

BuzzDash is a site and tool for gauging popular opinion on a wide range of topics - from sports, movies and politics to relationships and philosophy. Built upon individual polling modules called buzzbites™, BuzzDash provides a real-time forum where people can solicit, measure and share opinions on nearly any issue.

BuzzDash Polls and Results:

Here are some polls from BuzzDash

1. Would you support a boycott of goods made in China?
a. Yes
b. No


2. Paramount, DreamWorks Animation choose HD DVD. Will the tide change?
a. Yes HD DVD on the comeback
b. No Blu-ray will emerge on top


3. Simon Cowell will leave American Idol in three years. Without him, it:
a. Will do better
b. Will be as successful
c. Will do worse


4. NY Times online asks users to post potential terror scenarios. Okay?
a. Yes helps us prepare
b. No, gives terrorists ideas


5. Will Clinton being a woman ultimately help her or hurt her more
a. Help her more
b. Hurt her more
c. Doesn’t have an impact


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