Brainy and Cool: Danica McKellar and Math doesn’t suck

danica McKellar math doesnt suckWho is the first person who comes to mind when you think about Percolation theory and Gibbs states for Ferromagnetic materials?

If you guessed Danica McKellar (”Winnie Cooper”), the lovable pre-teen icon of “The Wonder Years”, you would be right. Danica has starred in several other successful TV shows and movies including The West Wing and Inspector Mom.

In 1997, while at UCLA completing a Bachelors in Mathematics, Danica McKellar co-authored a paper dealing with the statistical states of ferromagnetic materials. She won the distinction of being the only undergraduate student invited to present a paper at a Statistical Mechanics conference at Rutger’s University, and was featured in the Science section of the New York Times in 2005.

Now Danica McKellar has another potential hit under her belt. She has written a book “Math Doesn’t Suck” which is geared towards teenagers, and was released on August 2nd, 2007. The books is aimed at helping middle school girls get over their fear of numbers.


Another fun fact about “Winnie”. Danica has an Erdos-Bacon score of 6. The Erdos-Bacon score (a modification of the original “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”) is the sum of the number of degrees away you are in writing a paper with the mathematician Erdos, and in acting in a movie with Kevin Bacon. I am sure not that many people can compete on that score!


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2 Responses to “Brainy and Cool: Danica McKellar and Math doesn’t suck”

  1. By Ritu on Aug 5, 2021 | Reply

    Yah, we need more women doing science.

  2. By pia m on Nov 1, 2021 | Reply

    i am prepared to love her for this book and her accomplishments, who’d a thunk sweet soft spoken shallow seeming winnie, well i guess are actors are not the characters they portray, i only hope she is not a bush/military supporter, or i shant be able to love her at all.
    and yes Ritu, we need more women doing a lot of things- that society hasn’t normally conditioned them to do.

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