Blinkx: Revolutionizing Video Search

blinkx logBlinkx bills itself as the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine.With the explosion of video destination sites like Utube, Google Video, Metacafe etc., the next wave of video aggregation or video search engine sites is well underway.

The Blinkx site claims to catalog 12 million hours of video. Of course, all of it is created, and hosted, on other sites. The huge library of Blinkx was generated by aggregating about 200 major video sources on the net.

The power of the technology is in its search capability. Rather than simply rely on meta data, the way other video search engines do, Blinkx uses speech recognition and video analysis to categorize its libraries.

Once you get past the eye-candy on the Blinkx home page (and there is a lot of it by way of a rapidly changing wall of video clips) you see the clever automatic embedding of video clips contextually matched to the rolling news clips on the page.

With about 12M raised from Angel investors, San Francisco based Blinkx had a spectacular IPO on AIM in May of 2007, where shares soared up by 50% on the day they launched.

The revenue model for Blinkx is not clear. It is a free site with a whopping $350M market cap! Where the site goes in terms of ad generated or other revenue remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the old “eyeball” metric of the last boom is back, and well entrenched. Valuation is once again being based upon page views or unique visits. One hopes the monetization is not far too behind, this time around.

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