bCode : Say goodbye to your wallet

bcode phone sms text message to buyImagine you could do away with carrying all of your loyalty cards, paper tickets and coupons. That would make your wallet a whole lot lighter. Thanks to bCode , you can digitally store all of the above, right on your phone.

And that is not all. You can buy food at a grocery store and pay for it simply by sending an SMS. And if you are buying a ticket for an event, you can receive that via an SMS, also!

This is how the virtual ticketing works. Say you buy a concert ticket, online. The system sends you a code via an SMS on your mobile phone. This is not a standard bar code, but rather an alpha numeric “bCode”. When you arrive at the concert, you place your phone with the SMS in front of a special scanner which reads the code, and you are in.

bcode buy a drinkbCode used the mobile ticketing technology at a major exhibition in Australia (CeBIT) in May of 2007, and claimed to have totally eliminated lines of people waiting to get in.

bCode is a mobile payment solution that can be used at retail stores, or at entertainment venues. Since it uses standard SMS text messaging, it is mobile device, and carrier, agnostic.

The only impediment to adoption of this rather slick system, is that it requires a special scanner to scan the virtual ticket, at the retail location. Technology adoption slows down whenever there is the need to buy and integrate new hardware. However, given the potential savings associated with shorter queues and faster processing time, for a lot of businesses, this would be a worthwhile investment.

Gizmodo has complained about the bCode technology that allows you to buy someone a drink at a bar, by sending an SMS to their mobile device. The problem, they say, is that it requires you to have the phone number of the person you are buying the drink for. This is a problem?? With all the ploys people think up in bars to get phone numbers, this one is, at least, pretty clever!

bCode founder Michael Mark, previously founded start.com.au which sold a partial $8 million stake to the search engine, Looksmart.

bCode has an office in Huntington Beach, California and one in Sydney, Australia. bCode has raised $5.525 million in Venture funding from CIBC and Wilshire associates, as well as from the Australian government.

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2 Responses to “bCode : Say goodbye to your wallet”

  1. By Ranjeet on Jul 19, 2021 | Reply

    In US, the sms thing is not going to work; the transaction cost is 2 sms - which is about $0.50 for people who don’t have the packages.

    Beyond the teen market, it is not clear if SMS have penetrated much.

  2. By Sunny on Jul 19, 2021 | Reply

    Replacing wallet with phone makes a lot of sense. The phone implementation offers the freedom of which card to use, compared to other dedicated devices.

    I think the better thing would be to generate a bar code on the phone screen that gets scanned by the merchant. That also would mean that the vendor does not have to invest in new equipment.

    Credit card companies could team up with the mobile providers to offer discounted phones as incentive to use their credit card.

    The phone solution is also interesting because it is one piece of technology which gets changed frequently.

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