AVAMobile : Breakthrough multi-media sharing

avamobile logoRecently, I watched a demo of AVA Mobile, which promises to be the next breakthrough technology in instantaneous sharing of multimedia. AVA is an application, which can turn the desktop into a powerful videoconferencing and communication platform.

A group of people, who are running the application, can interact simultaneously via chat and voice, along with an on screen dashboard, which allows them to interactively drag and drop their favorite pictures, videos and music, and share them with the group. Members can play videos and music for each other, and draw diagrams on the fly, with every member of the group being able to participate in the whole multimedia experience.

avamobile introBob Goodstein, CEO of AVA Mobile, showed the product at a recent demo. He chatted on IM and voice, with a friend in New York. They played their music selections for each other. They exchanged pictures of their dogs on the screen, and interactively drew on the pictures. Each person’s changes appeared practically instantaneously, other than for slight latencies due to server traffic.

San Francisco based AVAmobile is expected to launch its beta product, soon.

The features that distinguish this application from other programs that are out there, such as Apple’s video conferencing application, iChat, are the ability to share video as well as photos, in real time. The instant sharing places it in a different category from instant messaging services such as Yahoo IM and Google Talk, where the exchange of any media files is through permission based file downloads. Also the interactivity sets it apart from static sharing sites such as Flikr and YouTube.

AVAmobile also allows pc to pc, pc to mobile and mobile to mobile communication.

So what could an application like this be used for? The uses are limitless - organization multimedia conferences, better and more interactive service calls - you name it!

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