ActivePrime: Making data presentable one record at a time

activeprime logoActivePrime is a Pasadena, California based company that is providing products and services geared towards cleaning and improving the quality of data, in the CRM space.

ActivePrime’s suite of products includes CleanCRM, a PC based product, for “Contextual Data Shaping“. The software verifies and fixes data records, using artificial intelligence (AI) and a proprietary Rules Engine, that can recognize and fill in structured data.

activeprime contextual data shapingActivePrime is a data quality partner for top CRM providers Saleslogix, and Siebel. ActivePrime plans to continue to broaden its compatibility base in the CRM arena.

ActivePrime will be presenting at the VentureNet Conference on October 5th, 2007. The company is currently self funded.

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  1. By Tom Greenberg on Nov 24, 2021 | Reply

    The tools offered by third party vendors such as CleanCRM for products such as just makes up for the deficiency in them.

    Many other CRM vendors such as Netsuite and offer more sophisticated data cleansing tools as part of their offerings!

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