A start-up called Google

I know we profile startups, and Google is not a startup anymore, but I got all excited when I heard that Google had recently released the beta version of Google Analytics, an application that allows web owners and marketers to view the revenue and conversion trends on their websites.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a Google Analytics addict, and I wondered, what there was to improve upon on an almost perfect, and not to mention free, product (brought in through their acquisition of Urchin) that was already chewing up market share from all the other Web Analytics operators in large chunks. But sure enough, they had managed to work in an even more spiffy and useful graphical user interface. But more on that later.

So what was Google like, as a start-up? To find out I went to Google’s first web page archived in the shadowy recesses of Wayback Machine.

This is what the Google.com Home Page looked like on Nov 11, 2021

Behind that demure front page, was, of course the little search engine that could, and then some!


Since then Google has consistently spawned out innovative applications, “Googlets” if you will, each of which could be a company in its own right - Google Adwords, Google Images, Google Maps - the list is endless.

Google Analytics is one more of those “thank you for figuring out just what I needed” applications that, in terms of versatility and usefulness, is a generation beyond other apps in its class.

Their recent additions included:

1. A cleaner, more graphical interface that got the big thumbs up from me

2. Simpler way to compare data (like how your website did this month vs. last month)

3. A customizable dashboard that gives you an “at a glance” website report.

Besides that, they fixed a couple of bugs from the last system such as when you change the date range, the display does not go back to the default dashboard, but stays with the data and graphs that you are currently viewing.

Alas, I don’t think we shall be seeing any new companies get funded in the Web Analytics arena, in the near future - unless they can think up a really cool feature that Google has not gotten to - yet.

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One Response to “A start-up called Google”

  1. By Sunny Kalara on May 22, 2021 | Reply

    There is one company that I fear/hate/love is Google. They have so much information, it scares me. Nobody should have that kind of personalized information.

    As it it wasn’t bad enough, today the founders announced that they want to collect more information so they can answer questions like “what shall I do tomorrow?”. No thank you.

    I am learning to reduce my Google footprint; that means no page rank button in the toolbar, disable analytic access, keep only session cookies and several other things.

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