Snocap music distribution company gets ready for sale

snocap logoSnocap, the Napster-turned-legit music file sharing service, has laid off 54% of its workforce. Snocap was started in 2002 by Napster founder Shawn Fanning, as an attempt to set up a legal music distribution service that charged for music downloads (the Napster label itself was later revived as a legitimate paid music service, also). Initial attempts to move other music sharing sites into their fold as paid distribution sites for Snocap, was not met with much success.

So Snocap changed strategy and set up distribution deals with major partners such as MySpace. But the unshakable Apple and its itunes music service have made it hard for the Snocap service to grow.

Now there are rumors that Snocap is polishing itself up for sale. According to WSJ, Snocap has been courted in recent times by major companies.


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CallWave: I said They said

callwave logoCallWave is a voicemail to text conversion service, similar to Jott which I reviewed previously.

CallWave provides “visual mobile voicemail” - it allows you to set up your cell phone voicemail system so that callers can leave messages which then get converted into text and emailed to you, along with caller id information. You can choose to have notifications forwarded even when the caller does not leave a message, or when there is no caller id.

ImageThe service is useful for simple notifications, and inbox reminders of phone calls that you need to return.

The CallWave basic service is free. The paid version includes call live call screening with the option of picking up the call or transferring to a different phone number.

Although the notification of the voicemail gets delivered to the email inbox along with the text, to listen to the voicemail, you still have to go to the website (the sound file is not attached to the email).

One problem is that the voicemail to text conversion is not usable at this point. I tried the service twice and both times, the text did not reflect the first part of the voice mail at all, and whatever was transcribed, did not make sense.

I got the following text back:

…believe along to me as much couldn’t gets converted into text and he made it to you.

What I really said:

…lets you leave a Voicemail that gets converted into text and then emailed to you

Needless to say, this post was not written using CallWave, unlike yesterday’s post on Jott, which was actually written using the Jott reminder recording facility.

CallWave is based in Santa Barbara, and is currently in beta. Hopefully they will improve their voice recognition so it can augment their Voicemail service, which otherwise, works quite well.

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