Assay Depot speeds new drug discovery

A startup has emerged that has designed a new way to connect scientists with pharmaceutical research service providers, helping to streamline the drug discovery process. San Diego-based Assay Depot, an Internet marketplace for the pharmaceutical services industry, announced yesterday they have raised $1.8 million in series A financing from private investors.

Industry and academic scientists that are researching new drugs require samples of their work to be analyzed by third party labs, or service providers. Assay Depot makes this process more efficient by providing a marketplace that brings many service providers together in one place. A researcher (customer) will go on the site and select an option from a research services menu, then mail their sample in a pre-paid overnight express envelope to Assay. That order is then distributed to one of many service providers in Assay’s network, at which point the sample is forwarded by Assay to the corresponding provider. Once they complete the research service, the results are uploaded to Assay who then provides the customer with a full data report. Assay provides a variety of additional services to research providers as well: marketing, legal agreements and billing are all able to be handled on Assay Depot’s side.

The company plans to launch its service in early 2008.

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Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program - great for MS centric applications


Microsoft has launched what it calls the Software Accelerator Program. It is designed to ID high potential emerging partners and to bring them into the fold. MSFT’s Don Dodge explains that the program is launching with Image20 companies and will grow to 100 over the next 12 months.

So who made the launch list?
Kiptronic (more video ads)
Spotrunner (yet more video ads) (online tutoring)
iBloks (3d animation)

Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program Benefits include access to MS technology, Business Development resources may include, a blogging opportunity (?), event opportunity and introduction to the investor.


Each company has a “case study” description and all of them extol the benefits of using Microsoft Product. Typically it reads:

Solutions Built on the Microsoft Platform

Leverage Software chose the Microsoft .NET platform because it provided both the ability to scale and the flexibility to move quickly. “We create communities for some of the largest companies in the world, so we need a platform that will scale,�? says CTO Joseph Kleinschmidt. “At the same time, the social networking space is a fast-moving one, so we need to be able to quickly deliver new features to our customers. Our solution was to create an on-demand application with a full set of open APIs as a way to deliver both the scale and the flexibility our customers need, and the .NET platform has been a wonderful base from which to do that.�?

So, if you already have plans to use MS products to build the core of your application, this might be a good opportunity. You can apply here.

MyBuys helps tell you what you want to buy

1191892062651MyBuys, a behavioral one-to-one recommendation service for online merchants, recently raised $10 million in a series B round led by Palomar Ventures with help from previous investor Lightspeed Venture Partners.

MyBuys helps people find what they want on web merchant stores. Based on data gathered by the retailer in addition to personal info offered by the consumer, MyBuys suggests products on a one-to-one customized basis to shoppers. In addition, the service will alert you when a product that you want becomes available. Found a great pair of shoes but only want them if they have a pair that’s pink size 12? MyBuys will alert you when it comes in stock.

The service, which has no upfront costs for the client and is ran on a pay for performance model, is already in place on Ritz Interactive in addition to smaller sites Lancome Cosmetics and Hancock Fabrics. In June of this year MyBuys released version 3.0 of the service, expanding the modes of delivery for their recommendations from email and RSS to include real-time recs right on the merchant’s website.

Check out a podcast interview with Paul Rosenblum, VP of Marketing for MyBuys (hosted by Get Elastic). Rosenblum says that when recommendations to consumers are accurate and useful, “it’s really not advertising anymore. It’s about service.


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