Scott Painter: Top 10 things every entrepreneur must know

zag logoScott Painter is a serial entrepreneur, and the founder and moving force behind several well known companies - Zag, an automotive retail site, Cars Direct, 1-800-Dentist, 1-800-car-search, and INFOAccess, a classified marketplace.

Recently, Scott spoke at VentureNet and shared his insights into the traits that entrepreneurs need to be successful.

Top 10 must-dos for entrepreneurs from Scott Painter (Zag, CarsDirect)

1. Be stubborn - believe in what you are doing
2. Be able to sell a vision - articulate a reality that does not yet exist
3. Be able to convince - have a vision that others can see and are moved to follow
4. Be able to solve a problem - that needs a solution
5. Be able to recruit a team - keep tabs on talented people - find those who are smarter and more talented than you
6. Be able to take rejection - as you will be rejected - many times
7. Be able to prioritize a few things and do them really well - you cannot do everything
8. Be able to have “range” - receptivity to other great ideas
9. Be able to speak to investors in a way they want to hear - ie tell them about how much capital you need, the trajectory for the business to get traction, how the exit will happen
10. Be intrepid - believe it can and will happen

And most of all - be able to speak in “Future Hopeful Tense”.

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